Jun 04, 2020
Jon Halleen
Adaptive Capabilities


I use my education in the behavioral sciences, my management and general business skills, and a belief in human potential to help entrepreneurs, owners and managers make positive changes within their organizations.

My background includes several years as an individual and group therapeutic counselor. My business experience centered in sales and sales management for financial, corporate training and human resources companies. My skills were honed during decades of working with people through facilitation, teaching, training, and consulting experiences.

Working in corporate settings, I saw large companies invest huge sums of training money to develop and improve organizational and employee performance. Small companies have the same people issues as big companies, but with less time and money to do anything about them. I set out to serve smaller companies by reframing “big company” research and knowledge that focuses on employee engagement, improving company culture and building strong customer experiences.

As a facilitator and change agent, I help companies achieve their business goals, so they can become more financially healthy.