Speaker Date Topic
Tim Murphy & Jim Nelson Nov 30, 2017
Doing good work through the Rotary Foundation
Brianna Ostoff Dec 07, 2017
Volunteer Coordinator - Burnsville High School

The Volunteer Coordinator from Burnsville High School would love to speak to the rotary about the many ways students are getting involved in the community and how our school is making a difference! I would hopefully like to take December 7th off of someone's hands and have her speak! Let me know and if it is okay I will ask if she is available! 



Mike Opp, VP of Academic & Student Affairs Dec 14, 2017
DCTC Polytechnic Concept

Gail Morrison 

Dick Middelton Dec 21, 2017 7:00 AM
Patriotic Journeys - 242 years of American Flag History

Patriotic Journeys flag presentation has on display ten rare and unique flags representing 242 years of American flag history, including the Revolutionary War, Civil War and modern day flags.


Included are intriguing, often little-known details about the evolution of the American flag design, canton and field element descriptions; background stories; origin of our National anthem; summary of rare locations where the flag has been flown; and includes a tribute to Veterans. An expressive dedication entitled I Am the Flag is read at the conclusion of the speech.



Tim Cryer, Partner Development Manager Dec 28, 2017 7:00 AM
Treehouse, partnering with Young Life in Burnsville to reach out to at-risk youth, ages 12-18.

TreeHouse is partnering with Young Life in Burnsville to reach out to at-risk youth, ages 12-18.  We will do this through a mix of faith-based and secular programming.  We offer secular support groups, faith and asset development programming, trips, activities, and one to one mentoring.  Young Life is national and TreeHouse has 30 locations throughout Minnesota and beyond

Patrick Hanson Feb 01, 2018 7:00 AM
Meeting the Demands of Today's Consumers