Speaker Date Topic
Court Winjum Aug 23, 2018
Scott Wardell Aug 30, 2018
Retiring in Turbulent Times
 Scott Wardell, CFP® is a former president of the St. James MN Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow. Scott is an engaging speaker and is passionate about helping people to feel confident and hopeful about their own retirement plans and will address the Burnsville Morning Rotary Club by sharing insights from his new book “Retiring in Turbulent Times.” The book features nine stories told from the viewpoints of real people in retirement situations. It seeks to break down the walls of mystery to saving, investing, and building for retirement. Scott gives listeners of all ages a little something to noodle on as they work their way towards retirement. Scott comes to the podium with not only 36 years of experience in the financial arena but is also owner of a local orchard and winery. 
Jack Kolb-Williams Sep 13, 2018
The Garage