The Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club welcomed Dan Kealey to their Sept. 8th. club meeting to discuss the 42nd. Annual Burnsville Festival/Fire Muster and some of the changes that have been made to the community celebration recently to be more inclusive of the changing demographics of the community. The Burnsville Festival (AKA Fire Muster) started in 1980 to highlight the unique qualities of Burnsville to visitors and residents and to promote the city as an excellent place for families and businesses. As the years have gone by, attendance has been slipping and the new committee was looking for ways to better promote it and make it an event that welcomed everyone from Burnsville! With nearly 40% of Burnsville's population now being of a diverse background, the committee felt it was necessary to make some changes to attract a wider audience. The festival now includes regional music which includes a mariachi band, Latin band, Somali dance group, ethnic food trucks, and merchandise vendors selling cultural wares. They also added an International Drink Station which will sell non-alcoholic drinks that are cultural favorites. If you'd like to learn more about the Burnsville Festival/Fire Muster, please click the link below or paste it into your browser:     Also, you can see some pictures of our hard-working volunteers who worked in the beer/bingo tent on Friday, Sept. 10th.   The weather didn't cooperate, but everyone still had fun!