Visit two of the most beautiful, mysterious places in the world while also living Rotary’s mission of Service Above Self! 




Past District Governor Larry Zilliox is organizing a international service and goodwill trip to Bhutan and Nepal, tentatively set for March 6-20, 2014.  A group of 12 to 15 Rotarians and familyImage members will see amazing sites and connect with Rotary clubs.

What is planned for this trip?
The group will visit Buddhist temples and stupas, enjoy the renowned Patan Museum near Kathmandu and spend time in a national park, among other activities. And should you get homesick, you can stop in at the Northfield Café and Jesse James Bar in the Thamel tourist area!  A visit to a Kathmandu Rotary club is also in the works.


But this trip is about more than sight-seeing: The group will partner with the Bhutan Rotary Club, whose mission is to help disadvantaged children. (The Friendship Exchange group will choose one of six possible service projects in advance.)  

What will it cost?
Travel costs are expected to stay under $4,000 per person, including airfare and lodging. There will be food costs in Kathmandu, approximately $250 or less.  

What type of accommodations can I expect?
In Kathmandu, the group will be staying in 3- and 4-star hotels that are clean and equipped with the basics. There may very well also be visits to local Rotarians’ homes. 

What is the cultuImagere like in Nepal and Bhutan?   
These countries are hidden gems. The Himalayan Mountains provide amazing natural scenery and the people are gracious and warm. Bhutan only recently opened its doors to visitors, and now allow 50,000 people to visit the country each year—this is a place not many Westerners have had the opportunity to see. A pilgrimage to the amazing Tiger’s Nest Temple is in the works

How do I find out more?  
Larry Zilliox will share information at the Fall District Training on Sept. 27.  Commitments with deposits are needed by Nov. 1 to make final arrangements.
Contact Larry at or 320-304-0174 for details or to reserve your spot.